Loot Fiend

A loot crate

A board game

What is this game about?

Instead of grinding through another RPG with friends (or enemies) that steal the best loot, just spend time collecting loot! This game is about collecting and organizing the most loot, and to be declared the LOOT FIEND.

How do I play it?

The game develops as players take action or time-limited turns to discover new map areas which contain loot to collect. As more of the map is discovered, stores appear which allow players to sell their loot in exchange for more space in their backpack (for bigger loot).

While discovering new map areas and moving around the map players can block one another, guard loot, and collect loot. The goal is to have the most loot once the third store is discovered. The player with the most loot is declared the LOOT FIEND.

For a complete overview of how to play it check out The Rules.

How do I try or buy it?

This game is not currently for sale but you can download the Print and Play.

Please note: Some assembly required.

How do I tell you what I think?

Constructive feedback on the game is always welcome, though no promises that it will or can be acted upon. Please email ac.semaghem@kcabdeef with your thoughts.

If you are interested in making your own rules for the game, please remember that the game is Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Licensed for that very purpose. You are welcome to revise it as long as you attribute the original creator (meh... games), are not selling what you make, and share it under a similar license.