Loot Fiend

A loot crate

Print & Play


As this is a game in development, different versions of the pieces and rules may be available to download over time. Any changes made will be indicated with the version.

v2 (Nov 2019)

Download Loot Fiend Print & Play (v2; Nov 2019)

The initial print-and-play copy.

Assembly Instructions

Once you have downloaded the Print & Play file:

  1. Print the file either in colour or grayscale (your choice). Pieces have been designed to work either way.
  2. Cut out the pieces using scissors or a paper-cutter. Cut lines are marked with dashed lines. Be prepared, there are a lot of bits.
  3. Find a bag or a collection of bags to store the pieces in, ideally separated. It will make setup easier in the future.
  4. Find some pieces to use as your player's characters in the game.

After that you just need to read the rules to start a game.