Loot Fiend

A loot crate

The rules


As this game is under development, this is version 2r4 (Feb 2020) of the rules.

Earlier versions of the rules:


Loot Fiend is a game of balancing exploration, the collection of loot, and the unlocking of more space for loot while preventing other players from doing the same.


There are a variety of pieces to familiarize yourself with in Loot Fiend, illustrated and listed below.

A large square map tile with eight roads extending from it
One eight-road starter tile.
A set of six square map tiles with different road configurations and one with a store
A variety of map tiles including four store tiles (set them aside).
A grid placed on a rectangle labeled backpack
Four backpacks.
A bar with a lock symbol on it
Twelve locks.
The numbers five through one with the word actions placed next to it
Four action counters.
Four tokens, one with the letter 'A', and the other three with crosses on them
Four sets of tokens; one action token, and three blocks per set.
An androgynous character with a backpack
Four characters.

Not (yet) illustrated are:


Follow the instructions below to set up a game of Loot Fiend:

  1. Hand out a backpack, action counter, action tokens, character and actions reference card to each player.
  2. Place three locks in each player's backpack.
  3. Set the eight-road starting tile (the large tile) in the middle of the table.
  4. Place each player's character on the road of the starting tile.
  5. Place the small (white), medium (green), and large (blue) loot in their boxes.
  6. Shuffle all the map tiles except the stores together. Deal the map tiles into stacks as follows:
    1. For a 2-player game, make 6 stacks of 3 tiles each.

      For a 3-player game, make 6 stacks of 4 tiles each.

      For a 4-player game, make 6 stacks of 6 tiles each.

    2. Shuffle a store into the 3rd, 5th, and 6th stacks.
    3. Assemble all the stacks into one large stack maintaining the order of stacks and do not shuffle further.
  7. Place the stack of map tiles in the centre of the starting tile.
  8. Select who goes first by:
    1. The person who most recently bought loot in a game, or;
    2. If no-one has bought loot, the person who most recently found loot in a game, or;
    3. If no-one has found loot, the person who most recently played a game, or;
    4. Your own random selection process.


Each player takes turns completing actions to try and collect the most loot, after which play passes to the player to the right. The number of actions a player can perform depends on how much of their backpack they have unlocked:

Actions remaining on a given turn are tracked using the action counter. The 'A' token can be used to keep track of the current actions remaining, while the 'X' tokens can be placed to indicate a reduced number of actions per turn.

Turn Actions

There are five actions a player can perform on their turn. Actions can be performed multiple times up to the limit of actions per turn.

Flip a Map Tile

For a road leading from the player's current tile that has an adjacent empty space the player declares which space they will place a tile, flips the top tile from the stack of map tiles and places it in the space. Rotate the tile to connect the roads as logically as possible.

If a store is flipped, stop play immediately and see 'When a Store is Flipped' for instructions.

If a regular tile is flipped, place face-down one small (white) loot on the tile, and one medium (green) or one large (blue) loot on the tile.

At the end of the player's turn, any face-down loot should be flipped face-up.

A couple of tiles and a character piece demonstrating what is meant by the most 'logical' rotation of tiles
Flipped tiles must be rotated as logically as possible. Dead ends may result even when placed as logically as possible.

Game End

When the third store is flipped, have everyone head to the store (follow 'When a Store is Flipped' rules). The game has ended and it is time to tally your loot. Count up the value of the loot you have and whoever has the most is declared the LOOT FIEND.